Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Tip: Camera Raw setting subsets

I have a 'knockout' tip posted on my buddy Rob's blog using Camera raw subsets. Check it out here : also check out some of the other great stuff he has there.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Nifty add-on, reveal in Bridge

Check out this link from the Bridge Developers Blog to download a file (Win and Mac versions) that add a new "Reveal in Bridge" command to Windows Explorer's or Apple Finder's contextual menu. Nifty!

Tip, Customize keyboard shortcuts

Is there a tool or function in Photoshop that you use frequently but doesnt have a keyboard shortcut or one that is hard to remember? In CS and CS2 there is a keyboard shortcut manager. Look under Edit/Keyboard Shortcuts ... you can add, change or remove shortcuts for Application Menus, Palette Menus and Tools.

For instance, the shortcut for Image/Adjustments/Curves is CTRL+M, you can reassign that shortcut to Layer/Adjustment Layer/Curves, so now the shortcut will give you a curve adjustment layer instead. A great timesaver.

If you are not already using adjustment layers for things like Curves, Levels, or Hue/Saturation, I recommend you do. An adjustment layer is non-destructive and you can double-click the adjustment layer and re-adjust your settings, also the opacity settings can be used to fade the affect. The other nice thing about the adjustment layer is that it automatically gives you a layer mask which you can paint in burning and dodging without permanently altering the image. The adjustment layer can be dragged and dropped onto another image requiring the same or similar adjustment. Another great timesaver!