Tuesday, August 18, 2009

AX7 - Fernwood

AX7 tagged Ruddy Turnstone
Detail with bird AX7

Shorebirds Confederation Bridge

Shorebirds Confederation Bridge

Recently on a trip to Fernwood, I photographed some shorebirds roosting at high tide. There were mostly Ruddy-Turnstones, a few Sandpipers and some Bonaparte's gulls. Upon close inspection of the images to pick the best ones, I noticed that one of the Ruddy-Turnstones had a green tag on it's leg. So I did a quick web search on bird tags an came up with an email for a scientist with the Canadian Wildlife Service. She quickly responded and I sent her some images and she forwarded them to her counterpart in the US. He emailed me back with some detail on that bird :

FL(AX7) was banded on Reeds Beach, New Jersey, USA on 18-May-08 with federal band #1282-01166.

He also provided me a link to a new website that is a database to report and track sightings of tagged shorebirds.

March 2010 Update! the little guy was spotted in Bequia, St. Vincent & the Grenadines see the comments and map below