Saturday, April 14, 2007

Project 40 IV: Shadow Self Portraits

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For the last several months I have been making shadow self portraits in the various places I have been. I see them as a placemark, of where I have been either physically or spiritually, or both. I have come to view them as an ephemeral version of an Inukshuk expressed in the language of light. This series were all made during project 40.

On a more technical note, no tripod was used and there is no photoshop retouching involved. How is it that my hands are free?....

Monday, April 09, 2007

New Look

It's springtime! Time to open some windows, put some wash on the line and I thought what better time to spruce up the look of this blog. I wanted to update the look and feel and make finding archived posts a bit easier. It is also set up with wider screen realestate just to make the playground a little larger.

This image was made this past summer in Berwick, N.S.

Update: I decided to make use of this new canvas and updated some of the 2007 posts to improve the presentation of the images .

Project 40 III: Five Islands Panoramic

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This image was created by stitching 4 images together. The beach had a great view of Five Islands and the light was wonderful. If the tide was a bit lower, it felt like we could walk out to one of the islands, but... I did'nt want to get the Coast Guard involved with project 40!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Project 40 II: Two from Bass River

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Images were made, wine poured and pizza consumed, fun was had by all. Project 40 was quite sucessful.
I also came home with a cold, so it did slow down posting some of the results of my "seeing"

Here are two images made in the late afternoon sun in Bass River, N.S. Through the window is my pal Shannon. The weather both days was great.

More images and a facelift to this blog's design coming soon...