Friday, July 24, 2009


This land art project was made in August of 2007 at the beach in front of my parents place in Fernwood, PEI on the Northumberland Strait. I have not shown this work before this as I wanted to present it in a way that illustrated the ephemeral, transitional nature of this piece.

Watching something I spent time gathering elements and creating being slowly consumed by the tide was a very much a spiritual experience for me. I did not see this as destruction but rather a transformation and a re-integration back to the sea and sand.

For the music, I layered portions of 3 pieces from the Touch the Sound Soundtrack.  a wonderful film btw

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Images from Sackville

These two images were made in Sackville when I was there as a facilitographer for youth forum about a month ago.

Wall & sky   
This image was made on my way to breakfast the first morning. I was struck by the texture of the wall and the clouds.

Waterfowl Park, Sackville

This image was made later that morning during a walk in the waterfowl park with my homegroup.