Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hummingbirds revisited

About this time last year I posted an image of a hummingbird made from my office window. This year the flowers are back and so are the hummingbirds. I leave my camera set up by the window and whenever I notice a little visitor in the window, if I am able, I will get up from my desk and make a few images. Here are 3 of my favorites thus far.


righteye said...

The top shot is excellent.
By far the nicest hummingbird photo i have ever seen.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Nicole Lirette-Pitre said...

The top picture is amazing!!!! It is the best picture of a hummingbird I have ever seen. Some biology books would need that picture ;-)

Shannon T. Smith said...

This is an amazing series of images. The first image is like no other I have ever seen. Of the thousands of photographs taken of hummingbirds, this one is truly unique. I too could easily imagine this image being published in a scientic journal. I could also however, envision it in any number of fine art publications. Cheers.

Shannon T. Smith